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Hungry!! Where to Eat??

Bell Kitchen can feed your cravings and please your palate. Here, we introduce you to gourmet dishes prepared with fine ingredients that support your health and nourish your soul – all in one bite – to make your getaway the most enjoyable one.


We serve special food from special ingredients for special occasions to wow guests too. Our recommended menu will make every occasion from one casual party to a great holiday season party the tastiest of the year. 

Complimentary breakfast  – American Breakfast, Porridge or Fried Rice – is available for everyone during your stay.


Jingle Jungle Bar serves up signature cocktails that you must try. Only Available Here!!

Jingle Cocktail The most elegant girls’ evenings always start with this “Jingle Cocktail”.

Jungle Bird There’s nothing smoother than a “Jungle Bird” to start a fun night.

Khaoyai Tale Get enchanted and ready to dance the night away with “Khaoyai Tale”.

Tnto the Woods Get you to know what men do when they are “Into the Woods”. 


Chef's selection

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